Burden of Proof (or yes, Virginia, ditching grains really does make you shrink)

It’s been way longer than I planned for it to be before getting back here to post again. Between the kids, the puppy, the house, the job, the very occasional date (don’t get all excited, no I haven’t found “HIM” yet but it sure is fantastic to get out and talk to adults!) and every other little thing life throws at us when we have the cojones to make any kinds of plans, I’ve just been running crazy.

But I promised pictures and here they are. The first one is in June 2013, a week after THE BREAKUP, in full-on uglytastic 80s garb for the moms’ dance in my daughter’s recital. Fat, depressed, sick, unhappy, exhausted, in physical and mental pain. It is not easy to share this picture but I know that so many people (including me, still!) need inspiration, and need to see with their own two eyes that there IS a life outside of the one they feel trapped in. The second picture is from today – January 31, 2014.


I have not stepped on the scale since the last post. I’m fairly certain that I’m at upwards of 30 lbs. lost now. The numbers aren’t critical to me, how I feel is – and I feel great.

Do I cheat sometimes? Hell yeah. Especially if we’re going out to dinner, I will have whatever I want. But I am very careful not to go too far, and to keep myself on track at home because that’s where I eat the majority of meals.

I also feel compelled to add that this hasn’t just been a matter of dietary change. I have done a tremendous amount of mental and emotional work in the past four months. I am convinced – pathological disorders notwithstanding – that it is almost impossible to see long-term physical improvement/weight loss without doing the mental work along with it. I know there are those who will disagree, and that’s fine, but I have spent an adult lifetime battling my weight and energy levels (with thyroid problems on top of everything else) and I can say without reserve that until I began to fix some of the seriously off shit upstairs, the downstairs stayed fat.

That said – I know some of you have been begging for more practical ideas, recipes, meal plans, things you can put into action every day in real life, so the next post will focus on those issues.

Until then, please share your thoughts and stories with me in the comments!


7 thoughts on “Burden of Proof (or yes, Virginia, ditching grains really does make you shrink)

  1. You are wonderful, no matter your weight. But, you worked hard and I am happy you feel great. You are a Hot mama, either way ❤

  2. You look really great! Congratulations on the mental AND physical work you’ve done! I would love to see some samples of your daily menus. Like a food diary. Because I do wonder if a person could have the success you have by replacing most grains with a ton of vegetables and fruit, but not completely getting rid of the grains. Is it really the absence of grains, or is it the healthier food you’re eating more of instead of grains? I’d like to know how you’re getting the nutrients grains provide without eating the grains — are they in another food? MAYBE YOU SHOULD WRITE AN E-BOOK! 😀

  3. LOL! I have many books inside me, I just have no time to let them out, yet anyway! Probably eventually. 🙂 To try to address your questions – I really believe cutting down is better than not cutting down at all, even if you don’t go all grain free. I think that it’s a combination of the natural shift in the body’s food needs/cravings and the healthier food and portions that come with that. I do not believe grains are food for humans. I think we have an addiction to them, like a drug, but do I believe we actually need the “nutrients” they provide? Absolutely not. I’d like to do a post that’s a bit more geared toward the scientific side of things but I’m far from an expert on that aspect so I’ve got to think some on that. I can definitely do a post with some great links to more info from ppl who are more knowledgeable than I am. And let me reiterate, I do NOT do “low carb”. I eat potatoes and starchy veggies and all kinds of good, filling stuff. 🙂

  4. Misha, congratulations! I have signed up to follow your future posts and will be sharing them with my daughter who also has thyroid problems and struggles to lose weight. Your pictures truly are an inspiration.

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